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Dr. Sagini Announces Naples Expansion!

Dr. Sagini announces his practice will soon be expanding to Naples. A new Naples office, located at 1012 Crosspointe Drive in Naples, FL, is currently wrapping up construction and is scheduled for completion in late June, with doors opening for patients the first week of July.

In anticipation of the expansion, Dr. Sagini has increased staff, including the hiring of an additional Occupational Therapist, Sarah Yagelski, MSOTR/L, CHT, so that the practice now has two full time OT’s. Sagini also recently hired a new Physician Assistant, Maria Rienzi, who will be assisting him in both the Fort Myers and Naples locations.

Dr. Sagini’s office has purchased all new, state of the art equipment for the Naples office, which will be offering the same spectrum of services currently provided at his Fort Myers practice with Joint Implant Surgeons of FL. Dr. Sagini specializes in treatment of the hand and upper extremity (wrist, elbow, and shoulder), including treatment of common conditions, such as arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome, hand or shoulder pain or numbness, and treatment of injuries. Some of the technology available in both offices includes a state-of-the-art MRI machine, a nerve testing machine (EMG), and a digital X-ray machine.

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