Medical Missions

Dr. Sagini has a passion for helping others in need.  He especially enjoys showing compassion to those who live in areas with poor medical care.


In August of 2006, Dr. Sagini traveled to Eritrea, Africa to provide medical care to those in need.  


The following year, he travelled twice (in April and December of 2007) to Nigeria, Africa in to perform orthopedic surgeries on children and adults with birth defects and other deformities.


Dr. Sagini traveled to Ethiopia in June 2012 and performed several corrective surgeries for children at a local pediatric hospital.

Most recently, Dr. Sagini traveled to Haiti to help those in need of medical care.  (For details about the Haiti trip, visit our Blog


Bonne Fin, Haiti  2018
Ethiopia, Africa  2012
Nigeria, Africa  2007
Eritrea, Africa  2006